Terms And Conditions

  • The policy of return and replacement is subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law No. 8 of 2008 and its amendments.
  • Fresh or frozen fish are not replaced or returned after being cleaned or sliced *
  • Purchases that can not be canceled within one hour of completion of purchase and payment of value *
  • The company shall bear the value of corrupt fish and the consumer shall have the right to compensation.
  • The company ensures the safety of its products until delivery *
  • Ads are limited to personal ads only, as for commercial advertisements, it is necessary to communicate with the administration of the application by email qtrfish@hotmail.com or telephone number 74489194 / 66585551
  • The advertisement must include all the correct data and descriptions of the advertised item.
  • The owner of the advertisement undertakes that all information stated in the advertisement is true and not contrary to reality
  • The owner of the advertisement alone shall bear the legal and moral responsibility without any liability on the application
  • It is not permissible to advertise either directly or indirectly, any item or material or act or other which is a violation of the laws in force in the country or conventions to which Qatar is a member.
  • not to use words or insults that degrades others
  • The application may not be used to express, or disclose or suggest any political, religious or racist views
  • The impersonation of others, whether public or private, in violation of the law requires the submission of the person to the competent authorities without prior notice.

In the event that the above conditions are violated, the application administrator has the right to take the measures that he deems appropriate, including:

  • Warning
  • Temporary or permanent withdrawal of membership
  • Immediate withdrawal of the advertisement
  • Taking legal action against the owner of the advertisement
  • Disclosure of the necessary information to the competent authorities to iapply the law if necessary